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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Acceptable Use Policy


The use of services provided by Demonbolt Development Inc. (hereinafter “Demonbolt Hosting”, “Us”, “We”, or “Our”) constitutes agreement to the following Acceptable Use Policy.

This Acceptable Use Policy, along with the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) set forth the general rules and policies governing your use of our website and related services.

It is acknowledged by Clients that these resource allotments for our services are optimized and dedicated towards service web documents and self-need email / FTP services, and is not to be used as offsite storage area for electronic files, or as a provisioning service for third party email or FTP hosts.

Illegal content such as pirated software, music, or other media are strictly prohibited and are not allowed on our servers. Such media should be reported to our abuse department.

Interpretation & Definitions

The words of which the initial letter is capitalized have meanings defined under the following conditions. The following definitions shall have the same meaning regardless of whether they appear in singular or in plural.

The definitions can be found in the “Interpretation & Definitions” section of the Terms of Service.

Shared Hosting Services

Resources such as MySQL databases, subdomains, mail accounts, and FTP accounts should not be used or created in such a way that can potentially have adverse effects on the normal, optimal operation of our services.

It is acknowledged by You that these resources are limited by physical restraints of technology as well as by reasonable limits of a shared resource environment. You must realize that server technology limits the amount of available resources for use, including but not limited to disk drive space, CPU processing power, memory, and access speed. We take measures to utilize the latest and most economically feasible mass server market technology available to provide services. It is furthermore acknowledged by You that all provided services are of a shared-server nature, and other users are sharing the provided space. Custom accounts are placed on a server with up to hundreds of other users. We, along with many other hosting providers, use this business model in order to offer web hosting services at inexpensive and affordable rates.

It is acknowledged that any single account is entitled to utilize the server resources, within reason, up to what is allotted or by what is physically available. If resources become scarce, We reserve the right to limit users of the affected machine to a lower limit to preserve the effectiveness of the service for all users. If You are in extreme excess of what the average users of the machine have in use (actually used) of their resource allotments, You may be asked to remove content, cut resource usage, or relocate to a dedicated service provider. This policy only applies to web sites that are considered to be abusive in service, disk space or resource consumption and where it is evident that the “fair-use” of resources among customers has been breached, particularly in regards to disk space, bandwidth or CPU processing power utilization. Additionally, web sites that are found to contain either/or no html documents, a large number of unlinked files are subject to warning, suspension or cancellation at our sole discretion.

In the event a “Fair-Use” breach occurs, which’s determination is solely up to Us, You may have to remove files from or reduce access to Your account to an extent as determined by Us, in order to restore full serviceability to other users affected by the breach. In any case, You will be notified of any actions that we may have to take.

Grounds for Suspension & Termination

You agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions. Any violation of either this Agreement or any other rules, regulations, or policies noted above may serve as cause for Us to suspend or terminate your account or services. You agree that We have the right, with or without notice, to suspend or terminate Your account or services upon the first or subsequent occurrence of any of the following:

  • Using the Service in a way, which constitutes violation of any applicable statute, law, court order, tariff, regulation, or treaty (including, but not limited to, intellectual property, communication, privacy, criminal and international law)
  • Using the Service in a manner intended to abuse or violate the privacy or property rights of others, including but not limited to the sending of unsolicited bulk e-mail (“spamming”); this ground for suspension or termination is separate from and in addition to the fees which may result from such activity.
  • Using the Service as a file hosting service.
  • Using the Service in an attempt to break security of any computer network (including the Service itself), or to access an account, message, or file which does not belong to You.
  • Using Your account as a backup service. All files must be part of Your website, and must be linked to from Your account.
  • Using the Service in such a way as to forge or mis-represent headers, addresses, or other identification in e-mail or websites, or using any other method to disguise the sender’s identity or location. This includes the hosting of Proxy Server applications.
  • Uploading, linking to, or storing warez, cracks, or any other pirated software.
  • Hosting IRCd, autosurf, port scanners, banner-ad services, escrow, lottery, and gambling sites.
  • Hosting nulled or cracked versions of scripts or softwares and other licensed softwares and/or programs.
  • Assisting in or directly distributing copyrighted material.
  • Excessively using the Service in such a way as to limit the bandwidth available to others.
  • Providing fake or incomplete contact details, including name, postal address, and telephone number.
  • Using the Service to operate server programs, including, but not limited to mail servers, IRC servers, game servers, FTP servers, Web servers, or streaming audio/video servers.
  • Using the Service for unauthorized relays through any third party systems.
  • Attempting, in any way, to interfere with or deny service to any user or any host on the Internet.
  • Any threat of legal action against Us will result in immediate account and service termination without refund. Additionally, We shall cease all further communication with You.
  • Using the Service for mail bombing, which includes any instance where multiple messages are sent to a specific destination with the intent to render the recipient and/or the electronic system service that recipient dysfunctional.
  • Using the Service to add or attempt to add addresses to any mailing list (Yours or a third party’s) without the explicit positive consent of the addressees.
  • Attempting to cancel, supersede, or otherwise interfere with email other than Your own.
  • Engaging in harassment, whether through language, frequency, or size of messages, either with email or website content.
  • Using the Service to engage in syn flood attacks, which are derived as overburdening a recipient computer system by sending a high volume of spurious data which effectively impedes or totally disables functionality of the recipient system(s), or any other methods of denial-of-service attacks.
  • Furnishing false data on Your sign-up form, contract, or other online application, including providing fraudulent credit card or other payment information.
  • Child pornography, in any form, is strictly forbidden on Our servers and services.

No bill credit will be given for a period of suspension. In the event of termination of your use of the Service under this Agreement, We may, at Our sole discretion retain any or all amounts You have paid for use of the Service as liquidated damages for Your actions.

Intellectual Property

We do not undertake to actively examine or review messages, files, or other materials, which are accessible through, pass through, or reside on the Service. Complaints regarding alleged copyright infringement can be sent to our abuse department, and the infringing material will then be reviewed.

Continuing a specific identification of the allegedly infringing material and the location(s) on Our facilities where the materials can be found. Upon receipt of such written notice, We shall expeditiously remove or block access to the allegedly infringing material, and provide notice to the person who had posted that material. If We receive a notification from the user indicating that the claim of infringement was based upon mistake or misidentification, We will expeditiously send you a copy of that notification. Unless You notify Us of appropriate court action to restrain the alleged infringement within fourteen (14) days, the challenged material will then be restored, or otherwise made accessible again.

Report a Violation

We take our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) very seriously. Any violation of this policy should be immediately reported to our abuse department, where we will expeditiously investigate the alleged violation.

Last Updated: December 22, 2020